Thanks to 1000words for publishing my flash-fiction, ‘Friday’

Delighted to have a 200 word story on 1000words today.  1000words is a National Flash-Fiction day project managed by writer Natalie Bowers.  It features stories of 1000 words and under, inspired by Pinterest images.

My story, ‘Friday’, is deeply autobiographical and entirely fictional.

If you look closely at the Pinterest image which inspired my story, you will see that the “mop bucket” is, in fact, a peg container;  a clear case of artistic license, if ever I’ve seen one.

While researching this story, I wanted to find the right word to describe the balls of fluff and dust which (allegedly) gather in the un-vacuumed spaces under beds.  I am extremely grateful to friends who told me that they are called “dust bunnies”.  Somehow, this expression didn’t carry enough emotional power for what I was endeavouring to say.  Somebody else told me that, where he’s from, they’re called “dust mice” which surely has more poetic potential.  Certainly enough for me to have recorded the expression in my notebook.

I finally settled for “fluff balls vast as moons glowing under beds”.  I wander what you call them?

You can read my story here:

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