Young Writers Publish Olympic Torch Relay Poems

Yesterday was my final two hour session with the group of Year 9 students from Clarendon College, Trowbridge who are writing poems to commemorate the visit of the Olympic Torch Relay to their school.  The hard slog was done by the young writers as they shaped their rough drafts and ideas into poems to be sent off for typing and final presentation.

The group was independent from an early stage and had clear ideas about what they wanted to say in their writing.  I offered guidance in choosing titles and layout and suggested some small word changes.  They had excellent arguments to support their editorial decisions and demonstrated a refreshingly confident and energetic approach to the writing process.

It’s been such a positive experience working with this group.  They are fantastic ambassadors for their school and town.  I was really pleased to read in their evaluation of the workshops that they felt they were enjoyably challenged in these sessions and that they are pleased with the poems they’ve written.

My thanks to Bethany, Beth, Elliott, Josh, Lucy and Natalie for granting me permission to publish their poems here.

The Moment 
by Lucy

The moment we anticipated with curiosity,
our hands gripped onto cameras 
waiting for that magic moment.
You shot through the crowds like a bullet of happiness,
your golden armour glistening in the sunlight.
You brought pride, hope and promises of good things.
You made us cheer, clap and smile.

You are the moment we all remember.


Street to Street, Town to Town 
by Elliott

As you make your way
through the streets,
your magnificence
moves on.

You are a symbol of unity,
a beacon of hope;
your flame burns bright
to light the way, for crowds to see.

You stand tall and proud
as your journey winds slowly to a close,
to start again the next day,
spreading your glow across the land.

Street to street,
town to town,
as you leave us standing and cheering.
You will be with us forever.


No Storm Will Stop Me
By Natalie

No storm will stop me
Nothing will dampen my shine
Now is my time
So let me shine bright
I travel the country
From town to town,
City to city
Hand to hand
Through cloud and haze
I’ll light up the path
I flicker and twist
I am golden and bright
I unite
I am hope
I am joy
I am pride
I am the torch
I am the start


by Josh

Gleaming golden light
You entered the school ground with admiration
You sounded like a hot air balloon
You brought flags and cheers
You left pride


I remember…..
By Bethany

Sun burning
Students running
Anticipation growing
Buses trundling
Admirers screaming
Tension mounting
Time passing
Burgundy faces
Breeze stops blowing
Frustrated faces
Seconds ticking
Excited faces
Clapping started
Volume rising
Flame flickering
Feet stampeding
Pupils chasing
Teachers cheering
Everyone gathering
Cameras flashing
Moment passing

Flame of Glory
By Beth

There will come the astonishing moment
when you are lit up for all to see.
You burn brightly and light up the skies
With your magnificent flame of glory….

In the blink of an eye
there was an amazing moment…

the smell of freshly cut grass..
men planting pansies and roses…

camera flashes in the glistening sun…
Silence fell and then you were gone.

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