WordWeavers – Creative Writing

WordWeavers are writing workshops and classes run by Josephine Corcoran.  These are interactive, participatory workshops for anyone interested in reading and writing poetry and short fiction.  All materials, other than pens and notebooks, will be provided.  Sessions will centre on the reading and informal discussions of a wide range of, mainly, contemporary texts and a series of writing exercises and prompts.  The aim of the sessions is to encourage participants to write and to leave every session with the beginnings of several ideas for new work.  There will be the opportunity to share work with the group and receive informal feedback.  The emphasis will always be on enjoyment and a supportive and encouraging atmosphere will be maintained.

WordWeavers at Trowbridge Museum

Tuesdays, 8th January 10am – 12pm for 5 weeks.  Cost £45 for 5 sessions payable in advance.

If you are interested in joining this, or future, WordWeavers classes, please get in touch via email josephinemcorcoran@yahoo.co.uk

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