NaPoWriMo Week 2

Poet Jo Bell’s site is a terrific blog to follow at any time but especially during NaPoWriMo if you’re in need of really interesting writing prompts!

The Bell Jar

Ahoy folks. There has, inevitably, been a huge falling off in the number of people writing a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month – but my cockles are warmed tremendously by the poems that are still rolling in, in response to my daily prompts on Facebook and Twitter.

For those of you foolish enough to revisit them, here are all the latest prompts. Remember that many of these links allow you to hear, as well as to read, a poem. The poet’s own voice can make the poem a very different experience.

Day 10 – A litany is a poem or prayer in which a single word or phrase is repeated at the beginning of each line. Here’s a classic example, the Litany of Loretto – and three modern examples from Billy Collins, Allen Ginsberg and Richard Siken. If stuck, use one of these as your repeated…

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