Call for Poems: Holiday Poems Wanted

And Other Poems is looking for holiday-themed poems to post in August.  All locations welcomed: sun-drenched, rain-filled, exotic or mundane; seaside, mountainside, lakeside or roadside. Caravans will not be discriminated against, nor will gîtes, tents, villas, boats, B&Bs, hotels, house-swaps or tree-houses.  Whatever and wherever ‘holiday’ means to you, restful or stressful, silent or multilingual, please send your poems:

Please send one or two poems in the body of an email to

  • include a one-line bio
  • include one link (twitter/facebook/blog/website)
  • confirm you own the copyright to the poem/s and state where/when it was previously published, if relevant
  • type ‘Holiday Poem’ in the subject field
  • Deadline: 22nd July 2013

I’m looking forward to some holiday reading!

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