A shortlist, a tumblr and let’s accidentally connect!

My biggest news is that I was shortlisted for The Rialto/Poetry School Poetry Editor Development Programme but I wasn’t successful.    In a case of unfortunate timing, the interviews were scheduled to take place bang in the middle of my family holiday in western France so my ‘meeting’ with Michael Mackmin (Editor at The Rialto) and Ollie Dawson (Director at The Poetry School) took place via mobile phone from our rented house in Crozon, Brittany.  I might have done better if I’d been able to prepare with less distractions (I found out I’d been shortlisted the day before we caught the Plymouth to Roscoff ferry) and I might have given a more glittering account of myself in a face-to-face interview but it was always going to be a long shot, given the stiff competition for places on this exciting programme.  It’s nice to know that my CV and personal statement impressed them enough to want to interview me, I guess.

C’est la vie!  It wasn’t to be and I did feel upset for a few days when I found out I’d failed and so missed the opportunity to co-edit one section of the Spring 2014 edition  of The Rialto.  However, I’m delighted that one of the two people selected is Fiona Moore whose recent pamphlet The Only Reason for Time is wonderful (I even mentioned it in my interview with Michael and Ollie when they asked me what I was reading!) and who writes a brilliant blog here.

I wish Fiona and the other successful candidate Abigail Parry (whose work I will now investigate – I’ve heard good things!) the very best.  And I’m so pleased that there will be two more women poetry editors on the scene.

In other news….

I’ve discovered Tumblr (I’m sorry WordPress!  I still love you but I’ve made myself a Shed of Solitude and I’ve been sticking up pictures and videos and poems).  It’s fun.

I’ve accidentally invited most of my email contacts to connect with me on LinkedIn.  It’s easily done (or so people keep telling me) and, my goodness, everyone is so accomplished! and I can’t help feeling cheerful when someone sends me a message saying “Let’s connect!” because it sounds like only a flurry of fast typing fingers away from saying “Let’s do lunch!” or “Let’s go to the pub!”

I’ve recently discovered a beautifully made and very good online magazine called B O D Y that I’d like to send something to.  If you don’t know it, take a look.

That’s it for now.  I keep meaning to blog more regularly but I can’t seem to keep to a strict schedule.  If I’m not here, you could always come to look for me in my shed….


14 thoughts on “A shortlist, a tumblr and let’s accidentally connect!”

  1. Congratulations on making the shortlist, Josephine. I didn’t even get that far and was disappointed too. You would have been very good. Loving your blog.


    1. Quite shocked that you weren’t shortlisted – in any case, there is no reason not to look for other opportunities or to DIY – I hope you’re tempted. Thanks for your kind words! I’m a big fan of your work 🙂


  2. Being shortlisted is a great achievement and you should be proud – there always seems to be such a fine line between those final decisions. I often think there is something better waiting round the corner – so onwards and upwards (as they say 🙂


    1. Thanks, Valerie. My feelings of disappointment highlight how much this sort of thing means to me but I have moved on! I’m pleased The Rialto is running this programme, it’s a terrific idea and it would be good if other magazines/publishers follow suit 🙂


  3. Josephine, wow well done to you for getting shortlised. You have made such a positive impact on the poetry world. Good things will come of this!


  4. Wow, Josephine that’s brilliant to be shortlisted … and being that close to editing The Rialto – goodness!! What a shame the interview timing was off, but well done you for even contemplating the dreaded phone interview under such circumstances. Very well done!! xx
    PS let me know what you think of Tumblr, I had a Tumblr blog a while back but let it languish, I couldn’t get into the whole ‘notes’ thing.


    1. I don’t think I was ever that close, Robin!! I knew when I applied when the interview date was – but our holiday was long booked. I just thought I’d go for it, not expecting to make the shortlist. I’m grateful, now, for the experience and I’m pleased for Fiona (who I’ve corresponded with via email and who is a fantastic choice) and Abigail. Tumblr is my little patch of fun at the moment – I enjoy its simplicity and the way I can easily collect different post formats in one place. I’ll still keep WordPress for longer posts. I would be interested in finding your Tumblr….


  5. I’m just going to copy everyone else and congratulate you on being shortlisted: that is a terrific achievement. I’m sure your skills will be snapped up by someone before long. I’ll have a look at your Tumblr soon. Bit nervous of stepping somewhere new. I gave up Facebook ages ago and have been exclusively Twittering since then.


    1. Thank you very much – oh, I feel so loved today! You are very sensible to stick to Twitter, it isn’t as if any of us need any more distractions – but Tumblr is fun and very easy to use. 🙂


  6. Same as above, big congratulations on being shortlisted! Envious of your shed, I’ve always wanted a shed to hide away in…hubby says I’m too much of a bloke, lol!


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