My poem about Stephen Lawrence at The Morning Star

My poem Stephen Lawrence isn’t on the National Curriculum was published in the Morning Star newspaper and can be read here.

M star

The poem came about at the end of 2012 when two men were found guilty of Stephen Lawrence’s murder in 1993 (some details about the case here) and I was trying to explain events surrounding the murder to my son, who was ten at the time.   I sent the poem out to various magazines and competitions but it was always rejected until Jody Porter, Poetry Editor at Well Versed, the poetry section of the Morning Star, accepted it.

I had also included the poem in my submission of 24 poems to Templar‘s Poetry Pamphlet Competition so I was delighted when Alex McMillan from Templar wrote to tell me that he would like to include it in a forthcoming anthology of best poems submitted to the competition.

I’m proud that this poem will be published in several places and I hope that more people learn about and remember Stephen Lawrence.

 The parents of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence

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