Poems to inspire you for #napowrimo!

April is almost here and if you’re one of the many, many people whose inkwell is full to the brim in readiness for NaPoWriMo there are over 300 poems on my poetry site, And Other Poems, to inspire you.
If ekphrasis is your thing, I’ve gathered poems inspired by art onto my scoop.it page and you can browse through these poems here.
Animals seem to set the muse purring, growling, hopping, galloping and swimming and as well as poems inspired by horses and rabbits, you’ll find poems about cats, foxes, okapi, an elephant , whales, guppies, selkies and salmon!
There’s more than one love poem and a poem called ‘Kissing’ which might set you off writing about something entirely different.
You’ll find a ‘Comb’ and a ‘Parting’; ‘Piano Lessons’ and a ‘Pianist’; ‘The Oldest Paperboy in the World’, ‘Babies’ and a ‘Baby in a Jar’.
If you’re feeling exhausted after so much inspiration, there are four waves of holiday-themed poems to refresh you and many more poems besides.
Happy writing. Be inspired!

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