Curl up with a poetry reading series

cambridge and howeJust a reminder that Robert Peake’s Transatlantic Poetry Reading Series is still going strong with Gerry Cambridge and David Mason reading live on air this Sunday, April 27th (8pm BST / 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT) and Agi Mishol and Marie Howe reading on Sunday, 4th May.

Today, where I live in West Wiltshire, it’s teeming with rain and I’ve driven through the sopping countryside to pillowsread with my Library Memory Groups and not all of the libraries have been efficiently heated.  I’ve felt cold and wet all day, so I’m looking forward to an early night and Cambridge’s Notes for Lighting a Fire (HappenStance 2013 – the paperback version) which has been on my TBR shelf since Christmas. It will be good to get to know some of these poems before I hear them read live on air on Sunday.  There’s time to research the other poets too: Marie Howe I’m already familiar with but I don’t know the other two writers.

And if it’s still raining on Sunday, I’ll be setting up my laptop in bed, plugging in my headphones and curling up to hear the poets read. What a treat! Lots more details on Robert’s site and here’s the link, once again, for the reading series itself.

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