Some where skys are blue

some whereThis week’s photo challenge from WordPress is ‘Letters’ and it’s reminded me of a picture that my daughter, Kitty, created ten years ago when she was four years old.  She hadn’t long learned to write, you can tell from the careful way she formed these letters, some of them with a tiny curl or tail, in readiness for the day she’d be taught how to join them up.  She would have placed her pencil just so in the exact way her teacher had taught her.  And words are spaced equidistant from each other – I can visualise her placing her finger on the paper so as not to make any mistake with measurements, even saying aloud to herself “finger space” as she completed each word.  She took care and pride in her work, like so many four year olds.  She draw this picture at home, I think it was in the Christmas holidays 2004 because she’s drawn a scene from The Wizard of Oz which is often shown on British television at that time of year.  I love the ‘s’ added after ‘sky’ to make the plural – four year old’s, beginner writer’s logic – and the way she’s left a huge gap between ‘some’ and ‘where’ – I can almost hear her singing along as Judy Garland held the long note, making it sound like two separate words.  I love the confidence here, the empowerment I can remember Kitty demonstrating when she first learned to communicate through word and image.  Once she could write, she usually added text to all her pictures as if she was writing captions.  I’m glad I didn’t correct her grammar and I’m glad I’ve saved this memory.  Lovely to have a chance to share it – with Kitty’s permission, of course.

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