Very pleased to tell you…

paper on floorI’m very pleased to tell you that tall-lighthouse is going to publish a pamphlet of about twenty of my poems in late 2014. I’m still working on a title and have spent much of today sitting on my stripy rug, scribbling down ideas, as well as going for a muddy walk to help me think. I now need to work on ordering the poems and making them as good as I can before I send the full manuscript to Gareth Lewis at tall-lighthouse. I almost said “before I send the full manuscript to my editor” but I didn’t dare. I won’t believe this is true until the finished book is in my hands.

For now, I have dinner to cook for my children and decisions to make about what to read with my shared reading groups tomorrow and on Thursday. Newsflash to self: the world carries on even when your heart is skipping with good news.
muddy walk

42 thoughts on “Very pleased to tell you…”

  1. Very many congrats, Josephine! You deserve it so much after all your selfless effort promoting the work of others. Well done. Looking forward to hearing them at Vanguard in November!


    1. Thanks for those kind words, Richard! Hardly selfless – although I had no idea when I started ‘And Other Poems’ that I’d be rewarded with invitations to read and to submit work. I don’t give with the hope that I’ll receive but I do feel rich today! xx


  2. Hurrah!! How brilliant is that! What a great press to be with. Loved recent pamphlets by Ben Parker and Harry Man … well done Josephine, you did well to ‘hold out’ … 🙂 R x


    1. No pressure, then!! Thanks very much for your kind, kind comment, Robin. I didn’t expect to be selected but I’m glad I was. Now to find the time to work on bringing the poems up a notch. xx


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