More blogs I follow..

..that aren’t expressly about reading or writing.


You never know who you will meet on the internet or what will turn up when you are actually looking for something completely different.  Taking part in WordPress’ Daily Prompts and Weekly Writing and Photo Challenges means that you will find sites using these hashtags and if you use them yourself, other people will find you.  I “met” Anthony Wilson two years ago because I was searching for more information about the poet Michael Laskey.  Really I wanted to find someone else who liked his work so that we could have a collective think and chat about it – the way I used to natter with work colleagues about a book I was reading or a programme I’d watched.  I suppose the internet has lead me to a much wider range of colleagues than I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet before.

Anyway, here are a few more blogs I regularly dip in and out of that you might enjoy as well. Do feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section – it’s always a treat to find a new, interesting blog.

One Cool Site (WordPress blogging tips) turned up time and time again when I first started blogging with WordPress in 2012. Working out how to add links, pages, resize images, adjust a theme – all the sorts of questions that a newbie blogger panics over and I often found the answer on timethief’s site – and still do. Timethief is also a volunteer over on the WordPress support forums and she is incredibly patient and helpful (even if someone (ie me) asks an idiotic question).

Media Diversified – “Tackling the lack of diversity in UK media and the ubiquity of whiteness” – publishes thought provoking articles, engaging with current issues from a wider perspective than the one offered by mainstream media. Media Diversified is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to “help writers and journalists of colour be published in national newspapers and magazines and get their voices heard in the broadcast media.”

The Carceral Net (Photography, Feminism and Social Media’s Disciplinary Principle) considers the phenomenon of publically sharing personal photographs, especially “selfies”, and how our participation as viewers and subjects reflects notions of control and conformity in Western culture.

Lastly, a mention for the blog of textile designer Sarah Campbell. This is a place where Sarah posts images from her sketchbook, work in progress and photos of things that inspire her work. A really colourful, vibrant site.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and recommendations.

7 thoughts on “More blogs I follow..”

  1. Thanks for these recommendations, Josephine, and for those in your previous post. I’ll certainly be browsing One Cool Site for some savvy tips on how to improve my blog.
    One of my favourite non-writing blogs is Textile Treasury by my lovely music friend Lynne Gill. She blogs about textile crafting, music and good food in an upbeat, chatty manner with lots of beautiful photographs that inject colour into any grey day. Here’s the link:


  2. Hi Josephine,
    It’s such an honor to find my blog listed among those you follow. Thank you. If and when you need blogging help you know I’d be happy to help and where to find me.


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