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Announcement about And Other Poems

town crierIn August 2012 I started a poetry blog, an uncluttered, ad-free site, called And Other Poems. Two years, 262 poets and more than 425 poems later, And Other Poems is going to take a rest.
There will be five more posts next week so please don’t abandon ship yet. If you haven’t been following, or haven’t visited, there’s still time. In any case, all the poems will remain on the site to read and share, and perhaps new poems will be added in the future. I’m also considering incorporating And Other Poems into this site and posting poems more regularly here. For now, though, my aim is to give more hours to my own writing.
Thanks to everyone who’s read and who continues to read the poems, thanks to everyone who’s sent poems, whether or not I’ve been able to post them. Do keep in touch by following this blog – which I’m going to continue to write in – or connecting with me on social media.

30 thoughts on “Announcement about And Other Poems”

  1. You have curated (if I’m still allowed to use that word) a marvellous resource of poems. I’ve been introduced to some wonderful writers through And Other Poems. Thank you Josephine for your time, effort and huge commitment.


  2. I have honestly enjoyed each and every post – always entertaining, informative and personal – to be honest, I’ll miss them but with equal measure I look forward to reading your own writing in the future. Thank you for all your hard work and time.
    P.S. Next month I am doing the Read to Lead course, which I first read about on And Other Poems. Thank you. πŸ™‚


    1. Great news about Read to Lead but you can’t have read about it on And Other Poems as that is my poetry blog. You must have read about it here and I’m going to continue to post regularly here so please stay tuned! Enjoy Read to Lead! πŸ™‚


  3. I’ve enjoyed all the posts and all the poems. Yours and Kim Moore’s blogs have been my go-to weekly reads. And you also gave a platform to two of my poems and you gave me a spur to try harder. thank you!


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, John, and for your beautiful poems. Please keep in touch by continuing to follow this blog (thank you!) and I hope to be able to hear you read in person one day – perhaps you will hear me, also! Best wishes, Josephine πŸ™‚


  4. Josephine, your contribution to the wider poetry community has been immense. Thank you so much for the time and energy you’ve given to us. I’m as glad of you, as I am of your blog. Have an excellent relaxing few months.


  5. ‘And Other Poems’ is one of the best sites on the internet for poetry and nothing but. It will always be there for us to read. Have a good break, Jospehine and best wishes for your own wonderful writing! Mx


  6. I’ll miss seeing new poems here, but I can’t think of any better reason to take a break than to focus on your own writing. Thank you for creating a wonderful site!


  7. Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into this great resource. And Other Poems has definitely expanded my poetry horizons. Very much looking forward to seeing the fruits of your extra writing time!


  8. As a bit of a latecomer to ‘And Other Poems’, I am sorry to see it go but you’ve been amazing and must have some time out for your own writing. Perhaps I can use the site to discover the poems I missed before I joined. I have copied and pasted all my favourites into a file, with the information you gave us about the poets and their publications and forthcoming publications. Now I can read the poems over and over and find more of the poets’ work if I want to. I read through them, often in the mornings, because they always give me a lift. Many thanks for bringing them to us and your kind and immediate, responses to our comments. I will continue to follow you on this blog. I wish you all the best for your writing and forthcoming pamphlet.


    1. Thanks for this kind and generous comment, Lesley and I’m so pleased to be in touch with you via the wonders of the internet! One of my concerns about And Other Poems is that it has become unwieldy, with so many poems posted. Readers will now have the opportunity to explore the whole And Other Poems archive which is substantial. Thanks for staying in touch and best wishes for your own creative projects. πŸ™‚ x


  9. Thank you, Josephine, for giving your time and energies to And Other Poems. Your choices have been consistently interesting and thought-provoking, and I give you my best wishes.


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