Talking Pictures

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It’s been a long time since I took part in the Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress which, this week, is ‘Dialogue‘  (  The idea of placing two images next to each other to tell a story appealed to me.  As a writer, I’m longing to tell you what the story of these two pictures is but that would be cheating!  In any case, you will create your own narrative, that’s the point of this exercise.  If you’d like to share the story you see in these pictures, there’s space below in the comments section.  Otherwise, simply enjoy – and thanks for visiting.

4 thoughts on “Talking Pictures”

  1. I love these pictures 🙂
    I dreamed up the story that he walks to work by that same route each morning, his head slightly bowed, he is sad;

    from her window she watches him pass by each day, but he never notices;

    in the pics above, he is walking again this morning, and is about to hear a big clang, which makes him look up; and then he sees her message;

    and they live happily ever after 🙂

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