The enduring appeal of a fountain pen.

Fountain pen

It used to be dark green but, sadly, the green eventually peeled away (actually, I peeled it away, in moments of absent-mindedness).  There have been times when I thought it missing forever, and I celebrated as heartily as the shepherd finding his lost sheep when it was found: in the dungeon that lies in the depths of our sofa; within the furthest reaches of a duvet cover (I’m a big fan of writing in bed); in the midst of moon-sized dustballs under my bed.  In fountain pen years, this one isn’t so old, perhaps only twenty years, but it’s seen off several desktops and laptops.   Its ink has filled roomfuls of pages, but the most beautiful mark it makes is the first touch of its nib at the top of a blank sheet.

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10 thoughts on “The enduring appeal of a fountain pen.”

  1. You make me so nostalgic. Most of us may not use so much of paper and pen in this digital age but to remember those times, is simply awesome. Despite all digital life, i still use my pen and enjoy having it all the time with myself, scribbling on odd paper, whenever i get a chance. Its lot easier i would say, than a laptop or a keyboard, sometimes 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much to everyone who’s commented here 🙂 I love technology, especially computers, but I wouldn’t be without my fountain pen (I confess to also loving a particular brand of rollerball pen but I’ll save that for another post – and don’t get me started on notebooks!). I’m delighted that I could share my enthusiasm for ‘old’ technology here, and that my thoughts resonated with you. 🙂


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