Happy Birthday, Hilda Sheehan

What a treat to spend some time with Hilda Sheehan today, and on her birthday, too.  Hilda has really helped me become more involved in poetry over the last few years, through her work at Bluegate Poets, Swindon, Domestic Cherry magazine,  and the Swindon Poetry Festival, of which she was this year’s Director.

There must be hundreds of people she’s similarly enabled.  She is a poetry enabler, an encourager.  Hilda makes poetry happen and brings poetry to places that might not seem obviously full of poetic potential.  She’s a wonder!

I sometimes get together with Hilda, and Jo Bell, another poetry enabler, and we read and comment on each other’s poems.  It’s a sort of informal workshop with gossip and refreshments thrown in.    Anyway, here we are being involved with poetry, eating cake, and drinking pink fizzy alcohol.  It was a splendid day and I’m looking forward to our next get together.  Happy Birthday, Hilda! xx


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