Some poems on Soundcloud

Thanks to comments from Kevin, David, and Tom, that my poems are not accessible to people who are blind, I’ve  uploaded two poems from ‘The Misplaced House’ to SoundCloud.  There’s also a video link here of me reading ‘Three Ted Hughes Stories’ at Swindon Open-Mic.

Here’s my poem ‘Honeymoon’ which was a runner-up at Bridport in 2010 and, like all of my work, is a mixture of autobiography and pure fiction.

and here’s my poem ‘How to Keep Spare Keys’.  An earlier version of this was published in the anthology ‘A Complicated Way of Being Ignored’.


20 thoughts on “Some poems on Soundcloud”

  1. Josephine, thanks for recording and sharing these poems. I enjoy reading poems on the page even more with the poet’s voice in my head. These recordings help to shrink the distance between the virtual and the face-to-face 🙂

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  2. I would be delighted if you would consider a guest post for my blog, If you are interested and have the time do please get in touch via my email which you do, I think see when I submit a comment. Kind regards. Kevin

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  3. Aside from being a great idea for those who can’t read, I think that a poet reading their own work adds a little extra to the experience for the sighted – the difference in accents, inflection and emphasis. There are also possible sales benefits – I bought Helen Mort’s collection on the strength of her reading of Mrs Heath (on youtube somewhere) and wasn’t dissapointed.

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