Three years of ‘And Other Poems’.

My poetry site And Other Poems turned three years old in August.  What started as an uncluttered  place for my own poems has grown into an online anthology of over 350 poems by more than 250 poets, archived at The British Library, and viewed more than 125,000 times.  In September 2015, my post ‘Three poems by Tania Hershman’ was featured at Freshly Pressed (thank you, Tania!).

I wrote about the first year of And Other Poems here and thought that now would be a good time for a quick update.

AOP at 3

What is And Other Poems?

It’s a poetry site, a blog of poems, a rolling anthology.  New poems appear twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.  And Other Poems is edited by me, Josephine Corcoran, and me alone, so I sometimes take a break from posting (I didn’t post any new poems this August, for example, and last year I rested the site for four months).  The best way to keep informed is to follow the site via WordPress, subscribe by email (new poems will appear in your email inbox twice a week – what’s not to like?!) or follow me on Twitter or Facebook where I regularly post updates.

How Do I Submit to And Other Poems?

And Other Poems has become popular!  I receive a lot of requests to feature work and, sadly, I’m not able to accept everyone’s poems.  There was an open  window May – June 2015 and I’ve selected some of those poems to feature at And Other Poems over the next few months.  I advertise submission windows on the site and via social media so keep an eye out for news – there will be another call for poems later this year.

I sometimes ask poets to send me poems if I’ve enjoyed their work in other places; I buy and subscribe to many poetry magazines, I buy poetry books and pamphlets and I read other poetry sites.  I’ve also asked poets I’ve heard read at an open-mic or poetry event to send me work.

How Do I Read the Poems at And Other Poems?

I’ve been taken aback by a few people who’ve thought that poems are somehow ‘deleted’ from the site once they’ve appeared on the front page.  And Other Poems is simply a blog of poems, therefore all the poems are always available, just not at the front of the site.  There’s an Index page – admittedly a little unwieldy but perfectly functional – which lists every poet and poem featured. (Do, please, let me know if you spot any missing! This list is compiled by me so I might have inadvertently left someone out).  There’s also the ‘Search’ function.  The only times I HAVE deleted poems are when it’s been brought to my attention that the poems/poets were involved in plagiarism cases.  I’m not interested in keeping that work on the site.

So, do please dip into the Index and use the ‘Search’ function, you may be surprised at who you’ll find there!

Thank you to all And Other Poem readers and poets.

Do please share any poems you like by linking to And Other Poems on social media, via email or on your own blog and treat yourself to a book or two (most posts have links to publishers’ sites at the foot of the poems).  Christmas is coming and poetry books make wonderful presents (especially for yourself!).  Most of all, thanks to readers and writers for being a part of And Other Poems.  I’m glad of your company.


25 thoughts on “Three years of ‘And Other Poems’.”

  1. I came late to And Other Poems, via friends’ shares. I am pleased to have found it and have enjoyed many of the poems. This post reminds me I can delve into the couple of years before I found it. Happy anniversary.

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  2. Hi Josephine, I just saw this and firstly, congratulations on such a brilliant site which has introduced me, as someone who used to have a fear of poetry, to so so many amazing poems and poets, so gently yet firmly! And surely I should be thanking YOU, for spending so much time and love and energy on the site, and for giving us a voice and a platform. Sending much love and gratitude back to you. xxx

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