One year since my pamphlet was published

It’s one year since my poetry pamphlet, The Misplaced House, was published by tall-lighthouse.  Thank you to everyone who’s bought my book.  According to Gareth Lewis, editor and publisher at tall-lighthouse, The Misplaced House ranks in the top five bestsellers of all poetry titles ever published by the press.  While this news hasn’t sent me looking for a seaside flat in Monte Carlo, it has meant that my place on the Aldeburgh Eight seminar, for example, AND my return train ticket to Suffolk, was completely funded by proceeds from book sales.  I’m very grateful for this.

book for header May 2015

I’m also grateful to people who’ve bought and reviewed the book which is such a supportive act of generosity.  Emma Lee, and Maria Taylor are two such people – thank you, both!  There are many more kind readers who’ve included mentions and photos of the book in blogposts, tweets and on Facebook – I really appreciate your kindness – and two people posted reviews at Amazon – thank you, too!

The Misplaced House feels like a calling card, a small sample of my poems (22 to be exact) a slim volume to introduce my work to the world.  It’s been wonderful to have a pamphlet to sell at readings and events, and tall-lighthouse, meanwhile, do a fantastic job of dealing with online sales, dispatching the book for £5 in the UK and $13 in the US, including package and posting.

Over the last year, I’ve been adding to my portfolio of poems, continuing with some of the themes explored in The Misplaced House – memory, forgetfulness, connections between domestic life and the wider world, ageing, death – and developing new ones, including what it means to say sorry in the modern age and confessionalism.  New poems have been published in The Morning Star and The Manchester Review and two more are forthcoming in Poetry Wales.  I hope that these poems will form part of my next collection (either pamphlet or book, whenever it appears).

There have been many, many ‘returns’ this year (I’ve been told that this is a more positive means of thinking about rejection) but I’m continuing to work towards the idea of another collection and hope that someone will want to publish it.  You’ll be the first to know!

Thanks, again, if The Misplaced House has found a home on your bookshelves or if it will in the future.


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