Two new reviews for ‘The Misplaced House’

Christmas arrived early for me, this week, since my poetry pamphlet ‘The Misplaced House’ received two favourable reviews.

Claire Trévien’s review is available to read at Sabotage Reviews here and Helena Nelson’s review is at the newly relaunched Sphinx Reviews here.

Claire is fund-raising for the widely-admired Saboteur Awards by reviewing one pamphlet a day during December.  Here’s what she had to say about The Misplaced House:

A surprising pamphlet overall, perfectly accessible while being perfectly disconcerting in the best possible way.

You can help fund the Saboteur Awards  by donating here.

Helena Nelson, meanwhile, has relaunched Sphinx Reviews with a series of 300-350 word reviews which focus on ONE POINT OF INTEREST.  Helena calls them OPOI Reviews.  Here’s an extract from the OPOI review of The Misplaced House:

Josephine Corcoran’s good at catching something familiar from an unexpected angle. You poise on the edge for a little while, working out what’s going on. Then the penny drops.

Both reviews are of the shorter word limit, yet both brilliantly capture the essence of a collection and are thoroughly good reads in their own right.  I’m inspired to try writing some shorter reviews myself, and imagine that we might see more of this type of review cropping up over the coming year.

Huge thanks to Claire and Helena.

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