Wishing you a reasonably nice 2016

Let’s face it, I use ‘wonderful’ far too much. And ‘fabulous’ is often unattainable.  So, to be realistic, I hope the balance of good and bad times weighs in your favour in 2016.

When I was a child, on New Year’s Eve, at the stroke of midnight, my black-haired father walked out of our back door and knocked on our front door, and our mother let him into the house.  I remember him carrying a piece of coal (to bring us warmth for the year) but I don’t remember him carrying greenery (to bring new life? what is the significance? and what counts as greenery? would a lettuce do??), money, or bread – actually, I do remember him carrying a slice of bread!  I know that other people will have other traditions and memories.  Do share them, if you’re so inclined even if it’s your tradition to go to bed at 11pm with earplugs.

Whenever it comes, Happy New Year!


new year drawing 2016On New Year’s Eve
at the stroke of midnight
open your door
to a dark-haired person
who will be carrying coal,
money, bread and greenery.
Hand over a pan of ashes or dust
and wave goodbye
to the old year.


10 thoughts on “Wishing you a reasonably nice 2016”

  1. We went to Hogmanay parties when young. One year just after midnight a friend and I walked out into the garden. When trying to get back in, we weren’t allowed until my dad came to the door and gave us a lump of coal and a bottle of whiskey (which we weren’t allowed to drink btw). Happy New Year Josephine x

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