Another year has come full circle

Of course there are a million and one other things I should be getting on with but I haven’t had a go at one of the weekly photo challenges in ages and I just felt like doing this week’s challenge which is ‘Circle’.

Calendars 2015 and 2016As I was replacing our family wall planner earlier today, I glanced at last January and had that familiar “gosh, was that really one whole year ago” feeling.  Here we go again. But not in a weary way, more in a “thank goodness we’re still here to do it all again,” kind of way.  2015 wasn’t the easiest of years to live through.

Plenty of circular baubles onbauble our Christmas tree.  This was the first tree I had nothing to do with the buying or decorating of (husband paid, teenage children decorated). So a three kingstradition that comes around every year that is the same, but different…. as is the tradition of putting up our Nativity set during Advent. It’s only a plastic set which the children used to love to play with when they were little (I remember my son adding a Lego Ninja character one year….).  It seems quite babyish now but we can’t bear to part with it (at least, I can’t).  The gifts the Kings are carrying are rather circular, aren’t they?

There’s a new, BIG circle in our kitchen.  Something I’ve Big clockfelt we’ve needed above our breakfast table for a long time.  “But I’d like to approve the purchase,” I warned everyone when I added a clock to my wish list. No need, my daughter chose the clock and I love it.  No excuse for anyone being late now, she doesn’t do things by halves, my daughter!

I’m looking forward to seeing how others have interpreted this challenge.


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