The Lexicon of Love

The Lexicon of Love was the debut album by the British new wave band ABC, released in 1982, and I’ve pinched the title for this blog post. I’ve been tempted by the Weekly Photo Challenge again which, this week, is ‘Alphabet’.

I’ve chosen this title because ABC has reminded me of my first wedding anniversary, when a traditional gift is one of paper. Andrew gave me this set of dictionaries which is absolutely one of the best, most useful gifts I’ve ever received.


I guess there are many ways of defining love, and a dictionary is a good a place to start as any. It worked for me!

dictionaries 2

4 thoughts on “The Lexicon of Love”

  1. A compendium of songs compiling itself in my head. ABC, 123, ….don’t know much about algebra/don’t know what a slide rule is for. Try that as a slant rhyme. Anyway, it’s plumply snowy outside the window, and you just started my day very nicely x

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    1. Thank you, dear Fogs! The weekly photo challenge keeps catching my eye and distracting me. There are more important things I could be doing (but where’s the fun in that?) Anyway, raining and overcast in Wiltshire, and extremely cold (in our draughty Victorian house). We might get snow on Tuesday, according to the forecast. Keep warm! x


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