‘The Misplaced House’ reviewed at HuffPost Books

I am thrilled that Robert Peake has taken the time to review my pamphlet The Misplaced House at The Huffington Post, alongside pamphlets by Victoria Kennefick and Rosie Miles.

Robert introduces the three pamphlets as follows:

Poetry bears both the opportunity and responsibility to take on taboo subjects like life, love, death, and politics without descending into the sound-bite conclusions of a social media status post. Yet some of its most hard-won insights can get buried under the modern avalanche of content. Here, dug out from the snow, are three slim volumes of poetry taking on big themes in new and striking ways

I’m really grateful to Robert for digging The Misplaced House out of the snow. He goes on to say that the collection

ripples outward in concentric circles of widening imaginative fascination.

and concludes

Finally, the collection touches on the widest circle, politics, in two poems that know exactly what they are doing by pretending to misunderstand.

Read the full review here. And thank you, again, to Robert for a fully-engaged, elegantly-written and sensitive review. The Misplaced House is available to buy here. Further reviews here.

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