Mid-week catch up

I’ve just done a quick tally and I have 26 poems out for consideration with magazines at the moment.  Some have been out since last October and the others are gradually more recent.  On top of this, I have two poems coming out in Poetry Wales and one in New Walk but I haven’t been sent publication dates yet.

The last six of my submitted poems went out this afternoon.  I was keen to post them (yes, it’s a magazine that only accepts submissions by post) before Andrew’s op, which is tomorrow.  As I’ve mentioned before, he’s having a prostatectomy.  It’s reasonable to assume that I might be preoccupied looking after Andrew for a while, post-op, so I wanted to be as organised as possible with my writing projects.

We’re feeling as upbeat as possible about the operation and I’m just glad that I can be there for him.  Our family and friends have been supportive and loving and we’re very grateful for that.

I have a few things to look forward to, poetry-wise.  I’m reading at The Torriano in London on March 20th and I’ve booked a place on a Study Day with Modern Poetry in Translation at Oxford University in May.

Needless to say, I’m taking plenty of reading material with me to the hospital tomorrow, including the latest Under the Radar which, I’m pleased to say, contains a glowing review for The Misplaced House by Alison Brackenbury.  That certainly made me smile!

Reading material
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28 thoughts on “Mid-week catch up”

  1. Good luck, Andrew. As for you, Ms Corcoran. 26 poems!! Twenty six!!!! How do you find time to write ’em, let alone keep tabs on where they are in the world. Respect. As no one says, down our street.

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    1. Thanks so much, Fogs! Yes, I was taken aback myself once I added them up. Don’t know if any of them will get anywhere, mind you. My system for keeping tabs on them is writing them down in a book. Thanks for your kind message xx 🙂


  2. Hi Josephine….I hope Andrew’s op goes well and wishing you guys all the best. Very much looking forward to hosting you at the Torriano with Leah.

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    1. Hi Lisa (I think that’s Lisa!) Thanks for your kind wishes and I’m looking forward to the Torriano reading, too. I’ll give it a bit more publicity once we’re past these first few post-op days.


  3. I do hope that all goes well today for Andrew. Well done for getting so many poems out there. I was delighted to read in the comments that you keep track of where they have gone using a notebook – who needs spreadsheets.

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    1. Thanks for the kind thought, Caroline. Your comment made me laugh! Early this morning, before we drove to the hospital, I was showing Andrew my ‘method’ and he said “That would be much easier to follow in a spreadsheet.” He’s probably right, I’m afraid, especially as the poems and submissions are stacking up. But I think I will always use my notebook as a backup. 🙂


      1. I see you have a longlisted poem in The Plough…along with 4 more of my poetry chums. I’m very fond of The Plough. Changed my life. Fingers crossed, then. Carol Ann likes you.

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      2. Thanks, John! I like Carol Ann but I don’t know that she’s read my poem yet but she will now that it’s been longlisted. It’s a LONG list, too. I’m glad for it! Thanks, again. x


      3. I meant to enter again out of loyalty….and then forgot the deadline. But here’s the thing. Last year I had just the one poem in the longlist….then just one in the shortlist…..then the winner. So put it out of your mind and then be thunderstruck when Caroline rings you up and tells you you’re a star

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      4. I love your optimism! Funnily enough, because it’s been a while, I’ve already sent this one off somewhere else, so, even if it gets no further, it’s in with a chance somewhere else. I’m getting the hang of the numbers game….

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