New Blogging Event: What’s in my pocket?

This is an invitation to take part in a new blogging event  ‘What’s in my pocket (or bag) and what does it say about me?’  All you have to do is to publish a new blog post which includes an image of what’s in your pocket/bag and a brief explanation about it.  Link back (pingback) to this post and readers to this blog will see the link to your post.  If you need help linking back, do ask or there is some info about how to do it here.  Everyone welcome!

Why do this?

It’s a way for readers to find out a little bit more about you.  It’s an idea for a post.  It might bring you new readers (or at least one, as I will visit your blog). It might be fun.  It might be a new way of talking about yourself. It won’t take up too much of your time.

I’ve written a post about myself to start things rolling….


What’s in my pocket and what does it say about me?

What's in my pocket

Weekly prayer sheet from my local church. I find it hard to talk about my faith and I would never want to evangelise, I just couldn’t do it.  My faith is private and it’s something I could never give up, never be without.  I respond more to language than to a ‘message’.  The readings of Isaiah are beautiful.  Just being able to put my hand on the weekly readings, to know they’re there, is comforting, even empowering.  If anything happened to me, people would look inside my pocket and know I’m a Catholic.  I’m glad about that.

A bracelet from Palestine.  A few years ago we hosted two teenage girls from Bethlehem and they gave us some homemade gifts.  I keep the bracelet as a way of remembering them and thinking about them.

Two pairs of prescription reading glasses.  I started wearing reading glasses about five years ago, they are essential kit.  I like wearing dark glasses if it’s a bright day or the wind is cold or if I have a headache.  I also wear dark glasses when I’m out walking and need to think or I’m re-writing a poem in my head.   They help me retain a private space in public places (only outside, by the way – I don’t wear them indoors!). When I was younger I was ridiculously self-conscious and would’ve felt embarrassed to wear sunglasses anywhere other than on a beach for two weeks in August.  I’m happy to be beyond that phase!

me wearing my coat
What’s in my coat pocket? It’s true, I forgot to mention my phone!!

Lip balm for dry lips  – essential kit and useful for when I get nervous before doing a poetry reading.

A pen. My favourite pen (apart from my fountain pen) is a Mitsubishi rollerball elite.  It is the Prince of rollerball pens.  I start to feel anxious if I haven’t got a pen close at hand to write down ideas or edits for poems.   I always carry a small notebook in my bag but I have been known to scrawl around the edges of my Mass sheet or to write on my hand.

Oyster card.  I haven’t lived in London for thirteen years but I go to visit my family there quite regularly.  I wish the public transport system in Wiltshire was as good as it is in London.  I miss the buses and the tube.  It would be wonderful if we could all rely on public transport rather than cars.  Perhaps I keep my London travel card as a way of connecting with my London family and all that London offers.

Now, it’s your turn.  What’s in your pocket?


What’s in actor, voice coach and poet Kate Firth’s bag?

What’s in artist Anita Taylor’s bag?

Jo Bell’s ‘Pocket full of poems


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