Weekend Report

General atmosphere in this house: Sleepy. Heavy-eyelidded. One teenager came back from Reading Festival at gone three this morning, one adult stayed awake to let him back in, the other (me) fell asleep but kept waking up to check if everyone was home. One teenager is worn out from being away for two weeks on a work placement.

garden 2016

The garden was tidied this morning before a heavy downpour. The rabbit has been cleaned out. Two reviews I promised to someone have been sent. Food has been bought. I’m fighting off an afternoon nap. I’ve started few new poems.

juliette 2016

The inside of my head feels a teenager’s bedroom with items littered across the floor, falling out of the cupboards and drawers, hanging out of the wardrobe. The items might or might not be poems. I have the feeling that an unknown person is on their way to shout at me to put everything in order.

Someone wants to watch a film. Someone has bought new clothes online. Someone has bought wood for a new shed online. Someone is playing computer games. Someone has fallen asleep on the sofa. The rabbit is eating a thread of bindweed.

Have a good week, everyone, whatever you’re up to.

Roses 2016

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