The chaos of an untidied garden

Day Four of NaBloPoMo and NanoPoblano and the Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress has arrived to save the day.  Hurray! (how am I going to make it to day 30?!)

Chaos is this week’s photo challenge theme, a state of mind, being and household arrangements never far from my life (I live with two teenagers).  Nor am I the tidiest person in the world, PLUS I’m a writer so I tend to swim in an abundance of notebooks, paper, printer cartridges, books and rollerball pens.  But it’s the garden I decided to focus on for this week’s challenge.  Admittedly I’ve done a fallen leaf collection as evidenced here:

so many leaves, so much time to pile them up

..but as for the rest of the garden, I’ve left it to its own devices..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope there’s a small snack in the weedy tangle for a visiting bird or a stray insect or knows what sort of visiting creature…..

Head over to The Daily Post to be amazed at other people’s chaos…



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