One week of NaBloPoMo

One week of #NaBloPoMo and one week of #NanoPoblano as well of course!  The first time I’ve ever done this.

So, what’s it been nanopoblano1like, so far, blogging every day? Fun, actually, but also quite scary.  Fun to think up new ideas, to not overthink – there’s no time! – but scary to push the publish button before everything is read and re-read and crossed out and re-written.  What will people think of me if this post is rubbish, nonsense, trivial, boring, dull? What if it’s all of those things? What if it’s none of those things? Who cares?! It’s only a blog for heaven’s sake!

What have I liked the most? Finding new blogs to follow and reminding myself how great some of the blogs I already follow are.  I’ve really enjoyed finding Cats and Chocolate and I’ve renewed my love for Anthony Wilson’s blog.  I’m glad Tinsel on Dinosaurs is in my Reader.

There’s a whole host of #NanoPoblano blogs to read here.

What else have I noticed?  I have some new followers, I have started following more blogs but I don’t have enough time to read them all properly.  My stats have gone up.  I blog at different times of the day.  I should have made a plan before I started.  I’m planning one week at a time.  I don’t always stick to the plan.  The plan I made mostly looks like nonsense when I re-visit it.  I need to get better at planning.  I need to learn how to plan.

It’s gone 9pm and I want to watch the news.  I don’t think I can stay up all night to watch the US Election.  I will probably tune into BBC Radio 4 and listen in as much as I can through the night.

I’ve been blogging for five years and I’m still not great at knowing how to end a blog post.


5 thoughts on “One week of NaBloPoMo”

  1. I totally get and feel the part about writing and rewriting and editing and rewriting and tweaking and rewriting and crossing out words and inserting phrases and… well, it never ends. 🙂

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  2. I’ve done several of these one month every day blogs and like you I wonder if I will run out of words! At present I’m doing one on going vegan for a month. I’m not signed up to any of the blog challenges, except that I pledged back in July (I think) to go vegan for a month and then for one reason or another I never started. So I started a few days into November and am blogging daily about how it’s going accompanied by photos of some of my meals! I’m over at Blogger ( if anyone is interested. Keep going Josephine. I’m enjoying the read!

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