Three blogs I read

Most mornings I check in to the WordPress Reader and glance through blogs I’m following.  This morning, three good reads caught my eye and I’d like to share them with you.  You might already know about Anthony Wilson’s blog because I have mentioned it before.  There is such a wealth of good articles there about poetry, reading, education, cancer, writing, and life.  I’ve discovered many new poems and poets through reading Anthony’s blog and have often used them in my workshops.  Today, Anthony was kind enough to mention me in his blogpost and also point me in the direction of more blogs to follow.  The How a Poem Happens blog looks particularly interesting.

I really enjoyed this post about Leonard Cohen at Clare Pollard’s blog.  Like many people I was saddened by Leonard Cohen’s death.  I love the way Clare celebrates Cohen’s poetry and talent and joy for life and relates the personal ways he had an impact on her and her family.

I also liked this post by writer, artist and comic maker Summer Pierre about waking up and learning about the US election result.  Reading her blog always makes me wish I could draw but I also find it inspires writing.  I especially like the way she puts Hillary Clinton into this story.  This reminded me of the possibilities of poetry, when a thought makes that leap and becomes embodied and physical in a poem.

Do you have three articles you’d like to link to?

Day 12

image The Vicomtesse de Vaudreuil

6 thoughts on “Three blogs I read”

  1. A great post Josephine.

    I try to avoid “echo chamber” blogs which say what I think, and cover familiar ground. I like to be challenged. My three are:

    Pàdruig’s Woven Words
    Peter Kerr is a poet and historian who lives on the Outer Hebrides, his concise poems of place, and quirky history are always engaging.

    Fatima Matar
    Fatima is a political activist, feminist, Muslim, intellectual and academic, as well as a poet. Hounded by governments in the Middle east, feted in England an internationally, she is a hugely significant talent.

    Polyolbion – Matt Merritt
    Matt is an ornithologist, journalist and historian. His work is always interesting.

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