What do the people opposite think of me?

There she is, behind her radio, her jokey monkey, her burnout out candle, her re-purposed  jam jars, her florid handsoap, her washing up liquid, her scraggy pan cleaner, abandoned paintbrushes, her clutter of children’s claywork.


There she is behind a basket of old receipts,  boxes of matches, hair clips, unread articles, badges, key rings, fridge magnets, gravy-stained recipe books, her cheapo kitchen cleaner, rarely squirted, her range of hopeless lids to lost containers.


Look beyond at least one decade’s worth of grime and you will see her, dancing while the kettle boils, sipping her tea at all hours, her back turned to fiercely disintegrating pasta while she scribbles in a notebook.

Who is she?

Day 15 – remind me why I’m doing this??





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