O Autumn!

after Anthony Wilson’s To Autumn


I love walking

I hate leaving the house

I love wearing  wellies

I hate rain in my socks

I love the sound of rain hitting the windows

I hate rain down the back of my neck

I love the thought of coming home to a warm house

I hate walking past people sleeping in doorways

I love a robin singing to me

I hate knowing robins are  violent

I love green, gold, yellow, orange leaves

I hate bare trees

I love supermoons and constellations

I hate the lights on all day

I love jumpers over summer dresses

I hate tights

I love new terms, new books, new pens

I hate the end of another year

I love leaves falling from trees

I hate everything giving up the ghost

I love bonfires

I hate everything dying

I love fires roaring

I hate cars spraying mud

I love bright red scarves

I hate days the colour of cheap teabags used twice

I love you I hate you I love you I hate you

Actually, I love you



Day 22

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