UK Poetry Blogs of the Year

My websites have received a very nice mention from Matthew Stewart at Rogue Strands.  In his round-up of  The Best U.K. Poetry Blogs of 2016, Matthew says

Josephine Corcoran runs And Other Poems, which is one of the best e-zines on the U.K. poetry scene, but she’s also a prolific blogger, chronicling her personal journey through verse.

So that’s what I’m doing!  Thanks for the mention, Matthew and for the kind words about AOP!  A big thank you, also, to the amazing Rishi Dastidar who has been co-editing with me this year.

Readers, you might remember that not all that long ago when I was interviewed by Anthony Wilson,  I included a list of some of my favourite blogs, many (but not all of them)  belonging to poets.  To recap, here is my list:

How about you?  Which poetry blogs do you read?  How about blogs by BAME writers?  I can’t be alone in noticing how white mine and Matthew’s lists are, with the exception of my inclusion of Media Diversified (which does feature articles about poetry). Have you, like Matthew, noticed that poet bloggers are just not blogging as much?  Share your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “UK Poetry Blogs of the Year”

  1. Really enjoying your blog, Josephine. I follow some of the same ones though as both poet and novelist I tend to follow writers generally and I review novels and poetry collections on my own blog. You’re right about the lack of BAME writers in my list – I’m going to do something about it. Any suggestions very welcome.

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