All quiet on the blogging front

I’m not posting here as regularly as I used to.  It’s possibly because I’m using Instagram as a kind of blog, posting a picture and a little commentary over there quite frequently.  It’s an extremely easy way of posting so I can see why it’s become so popular.  Are you on Instagram? Give me a follow if you are, I’ll try to follow back.

I’ve been busy over the last few weeks, applying for, being short-listed for, being interviewed for and not being offered, various jobs (very time-consuming).  I haven’t given up on finding an interesting, rewarding, arts-centred, fulfilling part-time job that gives me a small income, allows me to make a contribution to the local community and offers me mental and emotional stimulation for a couple of days a week.  I’ll keep looking. On top of this,  I owe a poetry magazine some reviews (deadline imminent – reviews always take longer than I think they will!).  Then I’ve been organising a reading at Bath Festivals by the Town Hall Poets (the Poetry Society Stanza group I run in Trowbridge) as well as doing the parenting stuff associated with looking after teenagers about to sit GCSE and ‘A’ level exams.

I’ve managed to get out and about in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, although not as much as I’d like to have.  The wild garlic is especially luscious at the moment.

Hope everyone is well.  Perhaps the blogging bug will come back soon.

7 thoughts on “All quiet on the blogging front”

  1. No mobile phone, so no Instagram possible for me, I’m afraid. I’ve been looking for a job exactly like that for the past six years, without success. There is so much art and literature in Dumfries and Galloway, you’d think someone would have me. It’s been hard not to get despondent. And now that I’ve filled up my days so much with stuff I don’t where I’d find time to work!.

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    1. Sorry to hear that you haven’t found a job but glad you’re not despondent and glad you’re busy. Yes, that is the downside of Instagram. I really like being able to post quickly when I’m out and about. It feels good to step away from my desk. Best wishes with your job search and with all of your projects! -Josephine 🙂


      1. Does not seem to be out yet – not where I’ve been walking anyway: E Cheshire.
        I have a poem where the narrator wishes to be buried where wild garlic grows down to the shore.

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  2. Wild garlic! Oh dear, I think that’s what we have growing on our rockery amongst the Spanish bluebells, and much of it came up when I was weeding out said bluebells…! There’s always next year I guess 🙂

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