Too tired to blog

There are a few things I’d like to tell you but I can hardly keep my eyes open, even at just gone nine in the evening.  I did a three hour walk this morning with my husband and daughter and I can still feel all of my muscles tingling.  It was meant to take “about an hour,” Andrew said, but several hours and fields of hay and barley later…..

Luckily, we were shouted at (in a helpful and not unfriendly manner) by a few people whose land we were trespassing across, and put back on the right track.

Although we went wrong a few times, the walk was very beautiful, mostly flat or gently inclined, the temperature was perfect for walking, not raining and not too hot, and we will probably try it again on another day!  Andrew found the route on the WalkWeb site and it was the Seend to Poulshot walk.  We started at Seend Village Hall and ended up at Seend Church.

I hope to regain some blogging energy soon!

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