In which I’m packing for Greenbelt

All of my family, husband, daughter, son, son’s girlfriend, and me, are off to Greenbelt this weekend for the first time, and we’re all taking wellies and waterproofs and layers and a torch, as we’ve been advised by more experienced festival-goers than us.   I’m looking forward to reading with Nancy Campbell, Sasha Dugdale and Rebecca Goss, meeting Nancy and Rebecca for the first time (although we’ve had lovely chats via social media), seeing Sasha again, and meeting up with Anthony Wilson who’s going to be introducing us, and hearing everyone read.

Do come and say hello if you’re there!

Other news: I’m very excited to be Writer-in-Residence at St Gregory’s Catholic College, Bath, starting in September.  I’ll tell you more about this role in future posts and hope to blog regularly about the whole experience.

And finally, a longlisting just in.  I’m longlisted for Live Canon’s 2017 International Poetry Competition.  A very long list but I’m still calling out a small *Hurray!* and wishing everyone on the list the best of luck.  Now, back to the packing.


6 thoughts on “In which I’m packing for Greenbelt”

  1. Oooh…Greenbelt Festival! We were regulars there in the eighties. Thought it was all very civilised these days – proper toilets and everything! Lol!
    Saw U2 one year – they arrived impromptu and asked if they could do a spot #beforetheywerefamous

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