NoNaBloPoMo or to put it another way.. not doing nablopomo

Hard to believe it’s almost November again.  This time last year, I took part in National Blog Posting Month, or nablopomo, and posted every day during November.  I had a lot of fun and made new friends taking part in this challenge – and I am tempted to join in again!  However, I’ve decided to be a spoil sport and not take part this year, partly because I don’t have as much time available and partly because  I *do* have time but there are other projects I’d like to give my energy to.  If I started off posting every day, I think I’d fizzle out before the end of the month, and I don’t want to feel a failure or put myself under pressure I don’t really need!

All the same I *might* post a bit more frequently during November, for the sake of making a small effort, but nothing guaranteed.

How about you?  Are you tempted to take part?  Here’s a summary of my posts from last year if you’re looking for a few ideas.

8 thoughts on “NoNaBloPoMo or to put it another way.. not doing nablopomo”

  1. Absolutely not. It’s hard enough doing it weekly, and the idea of daily is inevitably ruled by tthe law of diminishing returns. life’s too short for telegraphic blogging. In other news, I’m looking forward to your new book xx

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    1. I have to say that your blog posts are very long, super-sized in fact! You would need to set your alarm clock for an even earlier hour if you were going to blog every day, or decide to throw some mini-posts in there. Thank you for your kind words about my book! xx

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  2. Blogging is not an end in itself. We should all only blog when we gave something to say. I recently blogged about cemeteries, a subject which I thought would only be of interest to myself, and won over 300 hits, much to my surprise. You can never quite be sure what is going to resonate, but it needs to resonate with you.

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    1. I think people should blog about any subject they want to, whenever they want to. It’s a personal space and not a public service. Readers can choose to read and comment, or not, as they wish. Of course, some bloggers have other ideas and motives for blogging. Personally, I’m not concerned about the numbers of people who read my blog. I’m grateful to all of them. Cemeteries are fascinating places and I’m glad your article was well read!


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