Best wishes to you at Christmas

Dear Readers,

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with or not with, I’d like to send you my warmest thanks for visiting my blog, for reading what I write, for commenting or not commenting, for liking or ignoring my posts, both are appreciated, whenever it is or isn’t.  I know that some people love Christmas, some people hate it, it’s sometimes a painful time of year, it’s sometimes wonderful, it’s sometimes boring.    Wishing you little pockets or whole swathes of calm over the days of Christmas, wishing you some laughter, some good thoughts, some interesting ideas, some time and space to yourself, some chaos, some solitude.  Whatever applies/ doesn’t apply to you, it’s great that you’re here.  My stats show that you’ve popped in and I’m always glad of that.

Happy Christmas 2017


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