Wordplay: A Poetry Broadcast from Visual Radio Arts, Frome

On Saturday I was one of four poets invited to read some poems to camera at Visual Radio Arts in Frome, Somerset.  Our reading was streamed to Facebook and is available to watch below.  The four poets are Dawn Gorman, Jennie Gilling, Louise Green and me, and the broadcast was hosted by Crysse Morrison.

Visual Radio Arts usually broadcast live music to the internet (an impressive range and number of local, and not so local, bands have been live-streamed from the studios) but in the past year, Directors Phil Moakes and Maggie Gregory have invited Crysse to host Wordplay, a programme of poetry and spoken word.  You can access the Wordplay film archive here.

I enjoyed listening to the other poets read.  In particular, poems that have stayed with me include Dawn’s poems about her mining ancestors and poems about Cley Hill, Wiltshire; Jennie Gilling’s poem about swimming in rivers; and Louise Green’s poem about a class of schoolchildren reading Edward Thomas’ poem Adlestrop.  I read five poems from my pamphlet The Misplaced House.  I hope you enjoy the programme!

l-r Dawn Gorman, Jennie Gilling, Crysse Morrison, Josephine Corcoran, Louise Green


4 thoughts on “Wordplay: A Poetry Broadcast from Visual Radio Arts, Frome”

  1. I don’t know why, but hearing you read that first poem made me cry. That’s powerful poetry, that is! Good luck, from “The writer formerly known as Katherine, from Trowbridge Museum” lol! I do keep up with your blog but don’t usually comment because I can never remember my password 😉🙄😳
    Re. the meeting Ted Hughes thing, I’ve made coffee for Terry Pratchett, but it seems half of England has met him. However, writer friends in America are EXTREMELY jealous. So that’s something 🤣 Hmm. I wonder if one could write a poem using just emojis?

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    1. Oh, thanks for sharing all of this, Katherine! Amazing how different people react to poems – some folks have laughed hysterically when I’ve read ‘Honeymoon’! I’m grateful for all responses. ‘Making coffee for Terry Pratchett’ would make a fine poem, imho, I hope you write it (not sure it would stretch to a novel but you never know!). I am following your writing career and I’m always glad when you pop in here – here’s to remembering passwords!!


  2. I’ve just been to the tip. It’s only a few minutes from the house, so I was very lucky that I turned on the engine at the exact moment that “Algebra ” was beginning on the radio. I sat in the car till it finished. Fabulous. Thank you.

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