The Songs that Houses Sing on BBC Radio 4 Extra

My radio play The Songs that Houses Sing has been repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra and is available on iPlayer for two more days.

The play, first broadcast in 2000, stars Mia Soteriou as Alice,  Allison Pettitt as Iris, Paul Copley as Gus, Sarah Rice as Phillippa, and Joshua Towb as John.

The play is set in a London suburb, in the 1980s.  Alice, a shorthand typist with a longing to be a writer, lives in a small flat in a converted Edwardian house.  Out of the blue, she receives a letter from Philippa Davenport and her brother, John, who have discovered they were related to Iris and Gus Millington, the original occupants of the large house in 1908, and who now want to buy out all the current occupants of the property so that they can re-convert the house back to its original glory.  Secretly, though, the Davenports believe that Iris (a compulsive collector of things) has left some valuable treasure hidden inside the house which they would now like to own themselves.  As Alice considers the Davenports’ offer, we learn more about the story of Iris and Gus, and of the Davenports’ attempts to take back something they believe belongs to them.

I do hope that you have a chance to listen!  It’s been a big treat hearing this again, especially as my children (one of whom was six months when the play was first broadcast, the other who was not even born!) have listened in and approve.


2 thoughts on “The Songs that Houses Sing on BBC Radio 4 Extra”

  1. Enjoyed listening to this, thanks for flagging up. I’ve never attempted playwriting (I’m a poet and short fiction writer) and am full of admiration for the way this is written and directed by you Josephine ☺

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