One month until my book is published

My poetry book is being published this year, did I mention that?  (of course I’m joking – I know I’ve mentioned it here, here,  and here – and possibly a few more places as well).  I don’t tend to think of myself as a last minute kind of person but I am still tinkering with a few of the poems, which have been flying forwards and back in emails to Jane Commane, Editor at Nine Arches Press.

In the meantime, I will read from What Are You After? for the first time (!) on Saturday, 23 June, in the snazzy-sounding venue of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.  There will be a whole afternoon and evening of readings and celebrations on this day to mark TEN YEARS of the brilliant Nine Arches Press.  More details and tickets here.  I am over the moon to be reading with poets Jackie Wills, Rishi Dastidar and Suzannah Evans at my launch, and it will be so good to meet up and hear again poets Jo Bell, Tania Hershman, Jacqueline Saphra, Roy McFarlane, David Clarke, Sarah James, Cynthia Miller – and more – who are taking part in events.

I’ve listed all of the readings I’ve been invited to, so far, on my Diary/News page.

In other news, I’m busy typing up poems and short fictions written by students at St Gregory’s Catholic College where I’m Writer in Residence, in readiness for an anthology of students’ work which is being published by the school in time for the end of the school year.  This has meant reading students’ handwriting which is (occasionally, ahem) rather tricky to decipher.  But it has meant that I’ve re-visited some beautiful, often moving, sometimes funny, sometimes stunningly original and brilliant, pieces of writing.  One thing is certain, I’m extremely pleased that I’ve been able to work with St Greg’s this year. It’s an experience I will never forget.

So, just to say, I will be exceedingly happy when I’ve signed off on my poetry collection.  There are already new poems popping up in my notebook, anxious to come to life, and I am looking forward to spending time with them.

It is possible that by the time of my next post, my book will be out in the world.


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