Not really a blog post

Not really a blog post but an ageing woman cycling on a static bicycle half crying, half laughing listening to an old George Michael song and thinking that she used to imagine George was singing to her about

oh there was so much unrequited love in those days! and she never imagined anyone wasn’t straight, she was very young

now Paul McCartney is duetting with George, she didn’t know about this version, the wonder of spotify, looking sideways through the windows she could almost be cycling down a country lane

it would be a good idea

I’m not sure I would say the same about so much harmonising and riffing Paul

increased resistance isn’t necessarily recommended, whatever the physiotherapist might say

less tears, more laughing

not really breathless a moderately raised pulse

all day indoors, love in the small hours, possibly too much information, husband now in Oslo, children off gallivanting, not children any more

no more children and no time for a blog post


on Friday night I read some poems in Wales:

The Shackleton Trio and Josephine Corcoran at Penarth Acoustic Club, March 15, 2019

and I shared a stage with The Shackleton Trio.

There was a mandolin, a guitar and a fiddle. They are very talented.  Here is a video:

Have a good week.

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