Pantoum Workshop! August 3 in Trowbridge

For the August meeting of our poetry group, on August 3rd (2-4pm), Trowbridge Stanza is hosting an informal, fun, informative and enjoyable workshop about the pantoum.  We’ll read pantoums, write our own, either individually or in collaboration, or both, and hold a low-key, encouraging and friendly performance at the end of the afternoon.  Everyone is welcome to join us, whether or not you’re a member of our group.  As usual, we’ll meet at Drawing Projects UK in Trowbridge. The cost per person is £5.  Please bring your own paper and pen.

What is a pantoum?

From Wikipedia: A type of poem, a poetic form derived from the pantun, a Malay verse form, a series of interwoven quatrains (verses or stanzas of four lines).  The pantoum is a form of poetry similar to a villanelle in that there are repeating lines throughout the poem.  It is composed of a series of quatrains; the second and fourth line of each stanza are repeated as the first and third line of the following stanza.  The final quatrain repeats the first and third lines of the first stanza.  There is also an explanation at The Poetry Foundation.

We will explain everything again at the workshop, so don’t feel the need to swot up too much unless you feel you’d like to.

In the interests of sustaining forests, all materials for this workshop will be on display in the room and not photocopied for each person.  Bring a mobile phone or camera if you’d like to keep your own copy of the printed materials.  This is an informal workshop and most people will write on their laps in their own notebooks but there are a few tables available at the venue if you need one to write on.

Looking forward to seeing you there.  Please get in touch with any questions – email

4 thoughts on “Pantoum Workshop! August 3 in Trowbridge”

  1. Hi Josie This is a fascinating aspect of poetry that I only became aware of when you mentioned in a post last week I shall look out for more examples. Love from Lynn

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    1. Hello! I don’t have permission to share materials so that could be tricky. However, there are plenty of workshop materials on this site if you’re interested. You can use the search term ‘workshop’ or ‘writer in school’ – hope that helps and thanks for your interest 🙂


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