I wasn’t going to blog today but started playing around with words and images after spending some time in the garden.

lavender has lost its purple
like it’s been through a hot wash



left out in the rain
leaves rust



roses have dropped
pink litter on burnt grass


fat pigeon takes a bath
surrounded by petals


10 thoughts on “September”

  1. You’ve captured the change of seasons beautifully – Autumn edging out Summer; an in between time, like a sigh. Here we have the Winter winds turning pink blossom into confetti like your rose petals – the yin and yang of the planet! Lovely to receive on a Monday morning, thank you!

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  2. That’s really lovely.

    Wood pigeon.
    We had 2 young ones a couple of years back. Out of their nest too early.
    I found one huddled in the garden, so took it in. I fed it up by hand for a week. My wife had to go to London, and going out the gate found another one. So i was left with 2 to feed. We let them go together. a couple of days later, one was on the front path, and hopped indoors Another week of feeding and then she went.
    They still come back to feed, but are more circumspect.

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    1. Wow, what a story! I’ve become more interested in them since they’ve started nesting and breeding under solar panels on the roof a building near to us. I think Helen Macdonald (who wrote ‘H is for Hawk’) has written a new book about them which I must look out for. Thanks, Michael.

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  3. We have several pairs of fat pigeons that live in and around our gardens. My neighbour feeds them, they come to us for a drink and a bath. The bath is just a large pot plant saucer, when they are sat in t they look oven ready. This year for the first time we have a birds nest in the tree in our front garden. Yes, you guessed it – Mr and Mrs Fat Pigeon have chosen us to build their scruffy next. Up to now, we have not seen any baby birds. We live in hope!

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