Some feedback about Trowbridge Stanza

As many of you know, I organise a monthly poetry group in Trowbridge.  We meet every first Saturday, 2-4pm, at Drawing Projects UK, an art gallery, studio space and café, next to Trowbridge train station.  Recently people have shared some tweets about Trowbridge Stanza and about Drawing Projects UK itself, so I thought I’d include them here.

Our group is also a Poetry Society Stanza.  We’re not affiliated to the Poetry Society as such, although a few of us, including me, are members of this UK charitable arts organisation.  However, you don’t need to belong to the Poetry Society to join Trowbridge Stanza as our membership is open to anyone with an interest in reading, writing, performing and talking about poetry.  I send out a monthly newsletter with info about our events which you can subscribe to here.

In November, poet and artist Birdspeed will be reading for our Stanza, and in December, we’ll be welcoming poets Anthony Wilson and Dawn Gorman.  At both events there’ll be the opportunity to hear poems from the audience, so do bring some poems for the open-mic!  However, there’s no obligation to read –  listeners are extremely welcome. These events are friendly and encouraging – quite often people who’ve never performed their work before, read one of their poems for the first time at our gatherings.

You can read more about Trowbridge Stanza here and more about the Poetry Society here.

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