Last Few Days to Pin a Poem to the Places of Poetry map!

Just to mention that the Places of Poetry project will be a read-only site from November 1 so if you have a site-specific poem about anywhere in England or Wales that you’d like other people to read – head over to Places of Poetry and pin a poem on their map.  Here is some more information from their website:

Places of Poetry is open to all readers and writers. It aims to use creative writing to prompt reflection on national and cultural identities in England and Wales, celebrating the diversity, heritage and personalities of place.

The site is open for writers to pin their poems to places from 31st May to 31 October 2019. It will then be closed for new poems but will remain available for readers. We welcome writers of all ages and backgrounds. We want to gather as many perspectives on the places and histories of England and Wales.

Here is the poem I’ve pinned to the map at Places of Poetry.  It’s a poem I wrote for people of all ages when I was Poet in Residence at Trowbridge Town Hall in 2016.  It’s called ‘Dear Trowbridge Town Hall’.  Artist Ben Midgley drew some images to go with my poem which I’ve included below.

And here’s a post I wrote about how I wrote the poem and how I used it to help young writers pen their own poems about the Town Hall.

I know that lots of you have already pinned a poem or two (or more!) on the map and it’s been great to read them.


8 thoughts on “Last Few Days to Pin a Poem to the Places of Poetry map!”

      1. I like the way deep past and present flow into each other in this poem. Eerie and sorrowful. The image of the bladderwrack is wonderful – would’ve been a wasted opportunity not to use that word.


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