My Street

The best thing about the street I live in, as well as many wonderful neighbours, are the plane trees that line both sides of the road.  They are planted in the road so they can make parking a bit awkward but they are always changing and beautiful, and they bring birds to the neighbourhood which is always a good thing.

In Autumn, for the last few years, someone in the street has organised a ‘Leafathon’ when people get together on a pre-arranged day to sweep up and bag all the fallen leaves (there are a lot of them!) for compost.  Andrew, my other half, is more enthusiastic about this work than me.  I tend to contribute by making him a cup of tea when the leaf-collecting is done.

We love our street.  It’s well-located, near to schools and the railway station, which meant that our children could be independent travellers from a young age.  It’s a short walk into our town centre and near to a corner shop.

I was looking on my phone for some photos and found one of our road in the snow. The trees are severely pruned each year in spring, and come into full leaf in the summer. In this picture, you can see how column-like they are.

Amazingly, I found some images of our road by researching on the internet.  These are from the Trowbridge Civic Society and date back to perhaps the 1920s or 1930s – or perhaps earlier.

One thing is for sure, we’re all spending a lot of time in our house and walking around the local streets at the moment, during lockdown.  It’s just as well I like it here!

9 thoughts on “My Street”

  1. Good to hear you still have a corner shop and that the trees are looked after. Here we’re tumbling into Autumn and the top of the street could to with a leafathon – excellent idea! I enjoyed seeing the photos you found from the past. Reassuring somehow!

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    1. There is a man in our street who is full of good ideas and enthusiasm and he’s the one who thought up and organises the leafathon! He puts a flyer through everyone’s door and quite a lot of people take part. 🙂


  2. Thanks for this post Josephine. It really made me think …
    Somehow, I feel more connected to the street where I was born, Unwin Street. My parents still live there and it’s only five minutes away from where I live now.
    I’ve been in this house on Park Avenue for 20 years, but Unwin Street, the red brick house with the bay window, holds so many memories for me it feels like it’s got more of an emotional pull.
    Thanks again for stirring up some ideas.

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    1. Hi Julie, I posted this in response to a daily prompt from WordPress. I’m not blogging every day but certainly more than I usually do. I’ve moved such a lot – mostly because my Mum died when I was a child so I moved away from home. I only lived in my childhood home until I was 12 but I can still remember every inch of it. I think those early experiences never leave us. Lovely to hear from you x


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