A bee brings summer

poem for Earth Day
With a reckless swoop
            you patter at my window

frantic as a delivery boy
            who’s slept through months of orders.

You’re a fizzing blur of antenna, legs and wings;
            a pantomine of lanes and hilly streets;

lines of washing you’ve bashed against
            to arrive here steeped in diligence.

You imagine my bedroom an empire of sweetness.
            You want to trample sauce across my sheets.

Speed away, bee, in your vest of fur.
            Thank you for your glowing stripes of dreams.

In the woods, bluebells are sweetly ringing,
            and lavender will flower for you. Can you hear me singing?

Bee drawing by Jason Sweeney 2020

Can you hear me singing?

8 thoughts on “A bee brings summer”

  1. Hi Josephine, Help, does this mean I’m on social media! It was lovely to see you on Friday – and the rain was just what our gardens needed! Below one of my lockdown attempts – with thanks to Peter and Janet. Keep well, as I say. Regards, John


    Lying coiled in the sun, the snake encircles the car-park,

    all venom drawn as we stand two metres apart.

    On whichever track – pavement or path –

    the points are switched, we safely pass.

    Cars lie hauled up on the pavements – all voyaging ceased –

    forbidden the sea by government decree.

    “Keep in good health” – the Commonwealth’s

    supporters at Naseby cry – “Keep well”.

    Distanced grandkids appear on a screen,

    we watch Playschool, Le Tour and Mr. Bean.

    Out in the middle of town – mid-week – midday,

    two or three ghosts slide eerily away.

    With on-line receipt safely holstered, I walk to the store,

    wait patiently outside the firmly closed door

    for a tin of paint, passed out by a masked outlaw.

    No advert for Corrs or the Western Daily Press,

    but a neon tribute to the NHS.


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