Spring Rain

I’ve made a 30 second film poem for the MPT Haiku in translation workshop which I mentioned in my previous post. As my starting point, I’ve taken the haiku by Yosa Buson which Alan Cummings has ‘literally’ translated as follows:

spring rain –
beach’s small shells
to moisten enough

In my version of the poem, I’ve transposed the smallness of the shells onto the poem’s speaker who, like me during lockdown, feels small while spring blooms enormously around her. She can only dream of the sea which the shell suggests to her, while she stays inside her house, listening to the rain.

Text of the poem:

Spring has come
wild fireworks of garlic
abundant as uncut grass
wildfowers, enormous
in my small life
I listen to rain
dream of the sea

The little woman was made by my daughter many years ago from a wooden peg, a pipe cleaner and scraps of fabric. Do take a look at other versions of the poem on MPT’s website and submit your own translation!

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