I have forgotten your fingertips

This is the first creative piece I’ve made for my Time to Write commission from Paper Nations which I wrote about in a previous post.  Paper Nations have asked for creative responses to ‘isolation’.

I’ve used text from The Guardian newspaper and found natural materials from my garden.


I hope the text of the poem is clear in the image.  I’ve included it below:

I have forgotten your fingertips

the wonders

the joy

I’m stranded online

when day arrives


I am missing your skin

In the lockdown, making collages has suited my frame of mind – which has been in a distracted state for much of the time, as for many people – and I’ve found the process of assembling these word and image pieces absorbing and satisfying. I hope readers will find something to relate to in ‘I have forgotten your fingertips’.  In writing it, I’ve been influenced by overheard and seen online comments from people living alone; also my two young adult children who’ve had to leave their independent student lives and return home because of the pandemic.

Thank you to Paper Nations for their support and thank you for reading.


14 thoughts on “I have forgotten your fingertips”

  1. This resonates a lot from the point of view of having a hug from family. I live on my own and I last saw them at Christmas. Restrictions are easing here and more so from the 21st. And do I dare catch the train?!

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    1. Thanks for saying so, Ann. I hope you see your family soon. I am feeling more confident about public transport now but I will certainly wear a face covering, possibly gloves as well, and take hand sanitiser – as well as extra hand washing. And I’d try to travel at a less busy time, if possible.


  2. That’s lovely Josephine. The message is very clear and resonant. I also love how the process you describe enables a reconnection with nature, yourself and us from the lockdown state of distraction. Beautiful.

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